You know how you’re always on Twitter… taking up precious time…

(don’t you close that tab, I see you 👀)

yeah, the time you could be doing real things, like…

  • hugging your doggo 🐶,

  • walking over to your coffee maker for your 5th cup ☕ of the day before 9 am,

  • blasting Netflix (hopefully minus the chilling - or maybe that’s fine? 😉), while pretending to be working on your 2nd monitor,

  • preparing to look decent on top since nobody will see the bottom 🩲,

  • drafting your daily to-do list with 20 items 📋, so you can set it aside and not look at it for the rest of the day…

  • signing up for that Udemy course you’ll never look at again 🧨,

  • closing browser tabs that you left open as bookmarks , realizing you’ll never revisit them again 🤦‍♂️ …

But nooooo, here you are, wasting time on Twitter. You’ve been captured by the algo!

Well, this newsletter (the term newsletter feels very 19th century, doesn’t it?), will rescue you from doom-scrolling your startup feed.

I trained my AI doggo Sparky to bark every time he sees something interesting in the Startup tweet-o-sphere. When he does that, we curate it with utmost precision to bring to your attention - once a week.

Ok, there’s no Sparky, just me - Gene. People have told me I’m funny 1% of the time so I figured the odds are in my favor - to curate some useful and fun tweets for your ravenous consumption.

Enjoy your delicious tweets 👅

(I gotta get a life, don’t I?)


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I mean - IF you feel like it, do tell the gang, the fam, whatever you call your amigos. Tis much appreciated from the bottom of the feelz organ. 😍 The brain, not the heart! I bet you thought the heart!


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